DuProcess® Unified Court

DuProcess® Unified Court is the most comprehensive court case management system available today.

Every jurisdiction or department is brought together with a consistent look, similar functionality and the ability to share important information all within a single application.

Imagine, entering data once and in most cases, not at all. We integrate all areas without the need for additional software and the additional expense. We want you to have the ultimate access and DuProcess® Unified Court makes that possible.

You have the peace of mind knowing that when legislative changes occur, you will be able to implement most changes directly through configuration of the system. For example, if it is new values for lookup lists, changes in fee calculations or new fees that need to be charged starting on a specific date, DuProcess® UnifiedCourt provides the tools to make those changes immediately and efficiently.

Whether you want to better manage your court and Judge’s caseload, search for scanned documents, implement paperless processing of cases during court or simply creating a one-off report from your own computer, DuProcess® is the solution.

And with our unique business model, your court can add as many users as you need, request additional training, recommend feature upgrades and see them become a reality without ever getting an additional bill. We are not just another software vendor, we are your Alliance.