DuProcess® Traffic

With DuProcess® Traffic Case Management System, you will have the ability to process citations in a paper free environment. Data provided from the originating law enforcement agency citation entry system is seamlessly added to your system (requires e-Citation system in originating agency). You can review the data as required and manage cases, even process payments based on automatically assessed fees and fines without having spent hours hand keying stacks of citations. But you can also manually enter those citations that are hand carried by the offender. Take the payment, schedule school or court and then the system will know you have already entered the citation when the ticket data is provided from the originating agency.

Dynamic fee calculations give you the ultimate flexibility. Whether you need to calculate a complex fee from years ago or simply want to accept partial payments that follow your established guidelines, DuProcess® fee management will comply with your every need.

Comprehensive reporting means your reports are available when you want them. You can have your cashiering reports run automatically, have court dockets distributed electronically and create compelling statistical analysis all from the comfort of your office. DuProcess® reports export directly to Microsoft Excel keeping consistent with the other Office products you use. You can format your reports, save them for future reference or email them in a format that can be used and viewed without the need for additional software.

Have you ever had the need for modification to a printed form and had to wait weeks or months before receiving the change. In the meantime you have to mark out information or type over information to provide to the public? With DuProcess® any form printed from the system can be modified by your authorized users and replace the existing one for immediate access by users or saved as a new template for specific conditional printing. Because ALL DuProcess® forms utilize Microsoft Word templates and the basis for the form generation, no programming is necessary to make changes. You simply open Word, make your changes to the specific template, save your changes and it is immediately available for users of the system to generate the newly designed form. Using DuProcess® ARTForms configuration tool, in just minutes create a new form, add it to a menu, assign it to necessary users and have them printing this new form without ever having to call a programmer.

DuProcess® Traffic Citation Case Management System is designed to save you time, save you money, make your staff more efficient and equip you with the best tools to support you in providing the highest level of customer service.