DuProcess® Public Defender

DuProcess® Public Defender isn’t just another Legal Case Management System. With on-line intake interviews, logical workflow, automatic alerts and tickler notifications, imaging integration, along with secured user access and complete auditing of data entry DuProcess® Public Defender clearly sets itself apart from other Legal Case Management systems. The DuProcess® Case Management Application tracks client and case information throughout the life-cycle process of case activity. Users locate information by entering either a name or a case number in the right hand section of the screen. Results are posted to the Client list for name information, which then shows associated cases for each client. Detailed results for cases are posted in the charge status list. The Intake Interview module in DuProcess® provides the ability to track biographical and incident data about a client and their history to make a qualification decision for Public Defender Services in an interview format while capturing case management data for future case processing. Interview responses are recorded directly to the database, stored on-line, and available as both printed or imaged documents.


Critical Dates
A Critical Date is a user-defined date of importance for tracking what is going on with a case. There are both Pre-Trial and Post-Trial Critical Dates available for recording what transpires up to a Trial action and what happens after the Trial has been held.

Person Details
The Legal Case Management system creates person details during the Intake Interview Process. These data elements are also stored in the Case Management System under Person Details. The screen is divided into data storage sections for vital person data, address histories, military service, detention, family information, financial information, physical attributes, school history, and medical information.

Service History
The Service History Screen allows users to assign service records to a related party for a subpoena record. The Print History shows the print record for all subpoenas assigned to a File Number.

Compliance Monitoring
Compliance Monitoring in DuProcess® allows the creation and tracking of time sensitive activities. Court personnel use Compliance Monitoring to create and track Work Orders for Pre-Trial, Trial, and Post-Trial case requirements.

The Tickler system checks for new compliance records on the system and when one is located it generates a user notification message to the workstation of the user name listed as the Assigned ID on the compliance. Alert message options have been added to the Case Management system to notify users at the point an action is added or updated in the system. The alert locations and messages are user defined in code table maintenance.

Document Management
The DuProcess® Document Management allows users to create Word Template documents and associate them as forms into the Public Defender Case Management System. The template forms are typed into Microsoft Word and saved as a template.

Public Defender Case Management Standardized Reports
DuProcess® offers a number of different standardized case management reports for monitoring processing functions in Public Defender Case Management. Each report is organized into subject area files for easy access and creation.

The Security Module allows the entry of new users, definition of security roles, and reports on user security. From the list menu at the top of the form, options are provided for users (adding, updating, deleting, and inquiry on user ID's), security roles (establishment of access and function security for a role), and reports (administrative review of security).