DuProcess® Probation

Monitoring probation is hard work. With all the things you have to remember, the fees you have to keep up with and making sure each client stays in full compliance, having a tool you can count on to keep up with these continual demands is imperative. DuProcess® Probation is the best answer to your long problem.

The centralized person management means one record for each person. Their employer, school, addresses, aliases, military service, relations to family members, friends, gangs, etc. stays with them from case to case reducing data entry time and ensuring there is always a complete view of their total history. When dates are missed or actions aren’t taken, automatic notifications can send alerts to appropriate personnel. These configurable notifications can be event driven or manually created. Think of it as a re-usable sticky note. You get the reminder without the waste.

Schedule costs to have them occur at predefined intervals for things such as ankle monitors. Take full or partial payments for these scheduled items. Never lose track of monies paid or due.

DuProcess® Financials provides complete detailed costs and payment management for any monies due including but not limited to fines, ongoing maintenance fees, joint and several restitution, etc. All of this plus comprehensive financial reporting for your office.

And with DuProcess® ARTForms any documents you need to create are at your fingertips. Ready to generate in Microsoft Word so every document can be edited or modified when you want, not when it’s convenient for someone else.

So when it comes to monitoring probationers, let DuProcess® Probation do the heavy lifting for you and your department.