DuProcess® Juvenile Delinquency

Sometimes you need more than a snapshot. Sometimes you need to dig deep into a juvenile’s past to make decisions about their future. But you also need to insure that information is kept confidential and inaccessible to unauthorized personnel. DuProcess® Juvenile Delinquency Case Management System is an intuitive blend of historical tracking and present-day enforcement to aid in the rehabilitation process, all contained in a secured environment.

Rehabilitation is the ultimate goal and DuProcess® includes the necessary components needed to gain a true understanding of each individual. Every new Delinquency Case is tied to a single juvenile’s record. Their entire history, including schools, programs, detention details, gang affiliations, community service, addresses, employers, etc. are connected, reducing the time and effort necessary to keep the juvenile’s records complete and accurate.

DuProcess® gives you the ability to associate all known relatives and other persons directly to the juvenile, not just to the case. This means that if you have a repeat juvenile, you will have direct access to all known relationships without having to lookup historical case information first. This detailed access to information provides Judges and court personnel a complete detailed look into the juvenile’s past.

When the Judge determines the terms of adjudication, date sensitive items can be entered with corresponding notifications to justice personnel. Monitoring of compliance to activities is in real time providing notification immediately of failure to comply. This helps reduce delays in responding to issues, resulting in more efficient monitoring of requirements. When terms are satisfied, a notification can be generated to specific personnel.

DuProcess® intuitive approach to Juvenile Delinquency gives you the confidence you need with the convenience you want.

DuProcess® Juvenile Dependency

Variations in the dependency process range from simple and straight forward to involved and complex, and sometimes both of these characteristics can exist on a single case. DuProcess® Juvenile Dependency keeps you organized and effective.

Dependency cases have a tendency to change dynamically throughout their life cycle. Although a case may start with a single petition, more may be added changing the entire dynamics of how the case will be handled. DuProcess® Juvenile Dependency combines decades of industry specific experience to provide a simple interface to handle what can be complex associations. Each petition is tracked independently of other petitions on a case. A single petition can be associated to one or more children and one or more adults. Each of these associations can have its own disposition. Even though a specific petition on the case may be disposed, other petitions within the same case will many times remain open for potentially years. DuProcess® provides this capability in an understandable, easily viewable presentation.

Scheduling events requires notifications to some but not necessarily all of the parties to the case. DuProcess® provides this ability and keeps track of the history of who was notified, when they were notified and how they were notified. No longer will you have to keep sticky notes in case folders with hand written notes as to who was noticed for a particular event.

As with Juvenile Delinquency, DuProcess® Juvenile Dependency provides significant security controls to insure information is available only to those who are directly authorized to view juvenile dependency information.