DuProcess® Jury Management

As part of the DuProcess® Suite of Justice Applications, DuProcess® Client Server Jury Management System provides a genuinely effective tool for all areas of Jury Management. Over the past 2 decades, DuProcess® Jury Management has become a dependable and effective tool for efficient management of the jury process.

Managing the jury process has always been a challenging job. Whether it starts with a small pool for a straight forward trial or a large pool for a challenging case to insure enough potential jurors for voir dire, the balance between effective use of those available for jury service and budgetary constraints requires a Jury Management System that can capitalize on efficiency.

Utilizing prior summoning yield statistics provides a start to knowing how many summons to issue. Having this information at your fingertips when creating a venire is just one of the efficiencies provided by DuProcess® Jury Management. After generating the random group of individuals from your pool DuProcess® can generate the entire multipage summons on your laser printer to reduce the cost significantly over preprinted forms that must be properly collated and sorted for mailing.

Additionally, DuProcess® summons can include a response form that is completed and returned to the Jury Manager prior to the required appearance date. Responses received can be scanned in and indexed to the venire and the individual summoned, making them easily available to the judge and attorneys at the time of voir dire. This helps improve attendance and efficiency on the date of appearance.

Barcode check in of individuals on the appearance date speeds up the check in process and helps to organize the groups to send as required to individual court rooms. When a group is needed for voir dire DuProcess® provides the ability to randomly select the subset needed from those appearing and provide an online list with access to the scanned/completed response form of each of those on the list. Or optionally print a name list to take to the courtroom along with the response forms for each of those on the list.
DuProcess® gives you the ability to completely track the step by step movement of each and every summoned individual, to and from voir dire, multiple trips to voir dire for the same individual within the same venire, and service tracking by case of the complete jury or any individual juror.

Summons responses provide the opportunity for the person summoned to request excusal or deferral prior to appearance date. DuProcess® manages excusals and deferrals providing the ability to notify the prospective juror of approval or denial of the request. DuProcess® keeps continuity of the historical records of attendance, excusals, deferrals, etc. between merges and loads from your source data. Whether it comes from Department of Motor Vehicles or Voter Registration files the merge of new data does not destroy historical information.

Orders to Show Cause can be generated for those who fail to perform their civic duty when necessary. This process can be tracked by individual, providing judges with better tools for determining disposition of No Shows.

DuProcess® supports a variety of business rules for payment by type of juror. Multiple days of service before first day of payment for those reimbursed by employer or payment from the first day for those who are not reimbursed by their employer.  Print checks or have DuProcess® Jury Management pass financial data to your existing General Ledger system after service verification.  Generate Verification of Service forms, Thank You Letters, etc. individually or in groups by venire.

Whether you have one person handling your jury management or a large staff, DuProcess® Jury Management System will save you time and money and it will help improve the jury experience for the citizens that you serve.