DuProcess® Court Financial Collections

DuProcess® Court Financial Collections provides a secure password controlled efficient and easy way to management all case and non-case related fees, fines, assessments and payment transactions. From joint and several restitution to complex fee calculations or a simple charge for a copy, DuProcess® makes the transaction process simple and easy.

With DuProcess® Court Financial Collections payment plans can be set up whether there have been payments made on the assessment or not. Create automatically scheduled assessments for monthly fees. Split payments between cases using DuProcess® rules based distribution.

Process partial payments applying to multiple cases in a single process. Complete financial auditing of ALL transactions. Setup disbursements and distributions based on legislative dates in advance. The system will automatically begin calculating them at the correct time.

Search for past transactions by date, amount, case, etc. to easily locate and reprint receipts when necessary.

Generate detailed distribution reports, cashiering balancing reports, receipts, statistics and more.