DuProcess® Civil

DuProcess® Civil Court Case Management is more than a case management system. It is a true work productivity toolset. By design, workflow and business process flow are totally configurable by you to your specific processes. This design puts you in total control

It is docket driven, making data entry fast, workflow automatic, task completion efficient and information accurate. Workflow is completely under your control at all stages of case processing. From case initiation, calculation of fees and costs, capturing party information, generating customized forms directly from Microsoft Word and automatically distributing required reports. Every step of the way, you have full control. No other product on the market will give you the level of control that you will get with DuProcess® Civil Court Case Management.

Beware of hidden costs when purchasing a case management system. If you are going to have to pay a single dollar for new forms or modifications to forms as business rules change then STOP. With DuProcess® these are under your control without additional costs.